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We would like to introduce you to a revolutionary tool for the modern medical transcriptionist (MT): MTPro Software. This software system alleviates many of the problems encountered by MTs using older methods or systems. Medical transcription is a vital process in all facets of the medical industry and relies on the quick delivery of accurate reports. Many of the methods used by MTs in the past have been inefficient and prone to error. In the past, MTs have used cassette tapes to analyze dictations and generate reports, but this medium is full of problems: there is no quick and easy way to skip forward and backwards in small increments, the information is stored on magnetic tape which wears down quickly and can be easily damaged, and the tapes are expensive and are difficult to transport and store. In the more recent past, MTs have used software systems to transcribe, but found many problems in these older systems. The older systems did not include many of the high-tech options required to make them a truly beneficial asset. Now the field of modern Medical Transcription is realizing the power and potential delivered by the MTPro Software.

MTPro Software:
We have brought on a lead programmer and a respected physicist from Great Britain to produce MTPro Software. Their contributions have led to a design that goes unmatched in the market today. MTPro Software is designed to be compatible with other systems that utilize digital sound and also has the flexibility to play many different sound file types. MTPro Software's state-of-the-art design with a foot pedal has put advanced playback controls at the fingertips of the medical transcriptionist. The MT does not have to take their hands off the keyboard or look away from their screen when using this system. MTPro Software operates in a control window on your screen, which is easily manageable and very user friendly. You may also feel confident when using MTPro Software, for this system is secure and meets all of the HIPAA requirements. Below is a detailed description of MTPro Software's benefits and features.
This system is designed to utilize the majority of different sound file formats used in the field today. MTPro Software is not only compatible with other digital systems, but with the user also. MTPro Software offers many features that help the MT do their best work in the most efficient manner; for instance, the control window is compact, keeps time for you, shows how long the document is, provides extensive and useful help files, and shows the full sound file name while you are typing. Features like this showcase MTPro Software’s attention to detail and meet the needs of the modern MT.
The Control Window:
When using MTPro Software, all functions can easily be done with the Control Window. The Control Window is small, compact, and floats on top of any open window on your screen. This allows for very efficient work and file management. The Control Window is designed to utilize the foot pedal and keyboard so the MT never has to take their hands off the keyboard. When an MT becomes familiar with MTPro Software the workflow becomes very streamlined and the system naturally develops file management skills. The “open file” feature of the Control Window will default to your “My Documents” folder and then default to the current folder you are working in. This makes file retrieval and management very quick and simple. Below is a breakdown of the Control Window's features:
Size: The Control Window is small enough to be moved out of the way while the MT types.
Playback Controls: play, stop, pause, fast-forward, rewind, skip-back *
*The skip-back feature is controlled by the foot pedal and will jump backwards in the file a very small amount and then resume. Very useful.
Advanced Controls: Volume, Speed up*, Slow down*
*These features will actually speed up or slow down the dictator's voice to better serve the MT.
Smart Features: keeps time, document length, full file name display, open file*
*opens the folder you are currently working in
Please Note: The foot pedal is a MUST HAVE item. Click on this link to view the foot pedal
(Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996) HIPAA
MTPro Software utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to ensure patient confidentiality and to keep all of the transactions and operations in accordance with the HIPAA regulations and guidelines. MTPro Software is the optimal solution for the modern medical transcriptionist.
please note: the MTPro Software box seen on these pages is for display purposes only. MTPro Software is available in downloadable format only.
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